Thursday, November 29, 2012

Britt's November Challenge, Day 28: Path and Passion

Today I had an interaction with an employee who when I asked for her assistance, she was everything but helpful.  She snapped back at me as if my question was ridiculous and then proceeded to roll her eyes, raise her voice all the while, I am standing back looking at her, silently listening.  I thought to myself,  "I feel really bad for you lady.  It must be really terrible to have to work in a place that you absolutely hate and to assist customers in finding what they need, when you absolutely despise customer service.  Maybe I just caught you at a bad time? Who knows."    It makes me sad to see people working their day to day job because they have to and hating every moment of it.  These people are not living their best lives and have lost complete control over their emotions and happiness.  Unfortunately, on occasion, innocent bystanders have to witness these individuals frustrations and anger towards life, that can be easily set off my a simple question.

This interaction made me extremely grateful that I have whole heartedly found the best career path for me.  I feel extremely fortunate to have found my true passion in life and to be actively pursuing the path to get there, I recognize, after today, this path and passion is a gift.

Check out this quick 3 minute video, shared by my good friend Alex, that addresses the infamous question, "If money was no object, what would you do?" Take some time to think, money really is only an object, there are no limits, you can do anything you set your mind to.