Monday, November 26, 2012

Britt's November challenge, Day 25: Cool weather=productivity.

I am grateful for cool, crisp days in Colorado.  Days like today are great for many reasons. First, I am really productive in my school work because this weather really forces me to stay inside.  Next, on days like today, I clean. This is a great thing for me, because I often find myself putting this fun activity off for as long as humanely possible. Finally, today in particular, this weather keeps me inside shopping all the CyberMonday deals and steals! (it's more just "window shopping" for me, buy hey, there are some great christmas ideas!)  One more thing, I cook! This weather makes me want to stay inside, bake cookies, prepare grilled cheese and tomato soup, and eat, eat, eat.

So here's to Colorado winter upon us (hopefully) and a day of productivity!